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Student Media

Student Media Board
Minutes for Feb. 22, 2017

I.    Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by Amanda Jordan, Chair, at 4:17 pm. Other members present were: Leigh Gaskin, Matteo Molieri, Deanna Bailey, Kai Amos, Cody Cottier, Kathlina White, Andreas Eriksen, Max Minnig, Richard Miller, Steve Nakata, Karen Breese, and Matt Haugen, as proxy for Rob Strenge. Staff Member: Jacob Jones

II.    Approval Minutes:  The minutes for Jan. 25, 2017, were read and approved.

III.    Announcements:  None given

IV.    Reports:

•    Editorial
Cody Cottier, Editor-in-Chief
    Sex edition in progress
    Team working on budget stories, series on campus construction

•    Web & Mobile
Andreas Ericksen, Web & Mobile Manager
    Social media redmark sessions now implemented and going well
    Visitor Magazine website in the works
    Kudos to Michael Madison for assisting with social media

•    Marketing
Deanna Bailey, manager
    Two new staffers
    Very busy with photo booth work, social media

•    Yearbook
Kai Amos, editor
    In the design stages and on track

•    Visitor Guide Magazine (absent)

•    Creative
Kathlina White, manager
    Working on sports weekend depth chart redesign
    Designers now attending news meetings to better contribute maps and other graphics
    Work is beginning on template for next year’s rate card

•    Director
Richard Miller
    We are working on the Services & Activities fee proposal
    Internships with Murrow College now officially launched
    New glassware advertisements have brought in an extra 8% ad revenue in first few weeks
    Plan to allow for emergency dismissal of student leaders still in works, may involve using a student committee
    University can print yearbooks customized to each student, creating new possibilities for increasing sales.
    Moves to postpone March meeting to April 5 because it’s an elections meeting and two ad manager candidates will be at a CMBAM conference. Motion passes.

•    Advertising
Matteo Molieri, manager
    Sales are OK
    Now giving sales reps a 4% commission on ad fund sales to help reduce backlog
    Dismissed student employee after argument. That student is one of two going to the CMBAM conference in March, and an almost-certain candidate for summer ad manager. Matteo objected to the student being sent to a conference.

•    Content Adviser
Jacob Jones
    Working flex schedule because of new child
    Still providing guidance either remotely or in person
    Successful visit by publisher of Columbia Basin Herald

•    Financial
Richard Miller (Proxy for K. Denise Boyd, fiscal specialist)
    Hard at work figuring out S&A request
    Estimated year-end loss will be close to $50k

V.    New Business
•    No new business

VI.    Board Member Comments: None given

VII.    Public Comments: None given

VIII.    Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 4:38 p.m.

Minutes taken by Richard Miller, director