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Student Media

Student Media Board
Minutes for February 28, 2018, regular meeting

I. Call to Order
Leigh Gaskin, board chair, called meeting to order at 4:17 p.m.
Other members present were:
Carmen Jaramillo; Madison Jackson; Hannah Basler; Ceridwen Walsh; Gabriella Ramos; Matthew Winchell; Parker Blekkenk; Benjamin Shors; Matt Haugen; Richard Miller
Staff members: Jacob Jones and K. Denise Boyd

II. Approval of Jan. 31, 2018, minutes.

III. Announcements – None

IV. Reports

Madison Jackson, editor-in-chief:
•    New photo editor hired – Oliver McKenna
•    Student Choice Awards edition – 3/5/2018
•    Continue to help with the Referendum Campaign

Jacob Wagoner, manager, advertising:
•    February ads are half priced – a few people have purchased more ads, but spent the same amount
•    Lewiston Morning Tribune – the 360 insert will be in the Evergreen every Thursday, which will bring in approximately $10,500 per year
•    Lewiston Morning Tribune will be selling off-campus ads for The Daily Evergreen
•    CRM in the works. This will help track advertising representatives ad sales

Kai Amos, editor, Chinook yearbook:
Miller gave her report.
•    Deadline for Cougar Card photos is approaching
•    The cover has been approved
•    On track to print by the end of April

Aloni Martin, manager, creative;
•    Staff is starting to upload the online ads to the website as part of their daily tasks
•    Webinar with SNO software – training to upload ads
•    2018 fall manager – looking for someone to fill this position

Ceridwen Walsh, manager, marketing:
•    The photo booth computer stopped working this week – battery died. Software moved to another laptop by ASIS
•    Tabling- Started tabling for the referendum two weeks ago
•    On the mall with fliers, posters around campus, rack cards
•    Visiting classrooms in the Murrow College this week

Gabriella Ramos, editor, Visitor Guide, and Outreach coordinator
•    Covering the ASWSU elections
•    Photos with both tickets
•    Informed both tickets about the referendum
•    Fliers posted at local business’
•    Visiting classrooms to speak about the referendum
•    Open House – Friday, March 2 at noon

Jacob Jones, content advisor:
•    Publications calendar for 2018-2019 in the works
•    Continued training on public records with the students
•    Publisher in Residence – Murrow College after spring break

Board Comment:
Benjamin Shors: Symposium speakers – let me know if you would like to set up workshops

V. New Business
Richard Miller: Can we change the bylaws to allow the Chinook Editor also be on the ASWSU board?  
Jacob Jones: The only conflict that I see is the ASWSU portion of the yearbook and how that is handled.
Check with the ASWSU bylaws
Richard Miller will draft language addressing how they bylaws will change and bring them to the next meeting of the board.

VI. Public Comment: none

VIII. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 4:22 pm.

Minutes taken by K. Denise Boyd, fiscal specialist