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Student Media

Student Media Board
Minutes for January 30, 2019

I. Call to Order
Jennifer Murray, board chair, called the meeting to order at 4:15 p.m.

Other members present were: Luke Hudson, Christian Shaffer, Clayton Fincher, Kayla Rott, Latisha Jensen, Veneice Guillory-Lacy, Taylor Swanson, Rachel Wong, Rebecca Goodrich, Karen Breese, Lorena O’English, Matt Haugen, and Richard Miller. Board members absent: Ana Maria Alaniz Mendoza, Matthew Winchell, Hannah Martian, Ella Spillane, and Benjamin Shors,

II. Approval of November 28, 2018, minutes
•    Approved as read

III. Reports

Luke Hudson, editor-in-chief:
•    First semester as EIC has been stressful, and he remains both excited and optimistic.
•    Working on improving communication with advertising.
•    Sex Edition is planned for Feb. 15. Student Choice Awards are in April.
•    Has launched two podcasts, one on news and one on sports.

Clayton Fincher, manager, advertising:
•    Sales over goal for January, and looking good for February.
•    Two new ad products launched: Cougpons and Flash Ads, each giving advertisers a less expensive option.
•    Student Ad Fund is nearly out of money.

Kaya Rott, manager, marketing:
•    Will be polling students on the mall for Student Choice Awards.
•    Working on a branding kit, which includes stickers.
•    Surveys show awareness of Evergreen is up greatly. Board members suggested building on that trend by involving orientation counselors or distributing papers in dorms during Week of Welcome.

Hannah Martian, editor, Chinook yearbook:
•    No report.

Latisha Jensen, editor, Visitor Guide:
•    Story guidelines finished.
•    Pages being designed.

Ana Maria Alaniz Mendoza, manager, creative/graphics:
•    No report.

K. Denise Boyd, fiscal specialist (presentation given by Miller):

•    Budget surplus expected, due to the unfilled content adviser position and election ads.
•    Chinook sales lower than expected.
•    Photo booth sales nearly non-existent. A board member suggested raffling off an hour or two of photo booth use.
•    Visitor magazine ad sales also dismal. Miller said the Lewiston Tribune has taken over sales in the L-C Valley.

New Business

Content adviser search update
•    Miller said top candidate withdrew from consideration. Because it’s late in the academic year, and much budget uncertainty remains, the search is on hold until April or May. In the meantime, Miller is acting as content adviser, and bringing in more guest speakers, including Murrow faculty members.
•    Board members suggested alternative approaches, such as seeking a grad assistant or grad intern to fill the position. Miller will investigate.

VI. Public Comments - none

VII. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.

Minutes taken by Richard Miller, Student Media director