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Student Media

Student Media Board
Minutes for Jan. 31, 2018, regular meeting

I. Call to Order
Leigh Gaskin, board chair, called meeting to order at 4:17 pm.
Other members present were:
Aloni Martin, Gabriella Ramos, Hannah Basler, Jacob Wagoner, Parker Blekkenk, Rachel Wong, Erica Nicol, Jennifer Murray, Karen Breese, Matthew Winchell, Carmen Jaramillo, Ceridwen Walsh, Matt Haugen, Benjamin Shors, Madison Jackson, Lee Yoon-Joo and Richard Miller.
Staff members: Jacob Jones and K. Denise Boyd

II. Approval of Jan. 10, 2018, minutes.
The minutes were approved as read.

III. Announcements – None

IV. Motion from Richard Miller to move the new business before the reports, seconded by Jacob Wagoner, and approved by the board.

V. New Business
Continue board discussion on options for addressing budget deficit. (see agenda for options 1 – 3)

Ramos: We are going before the ASWSU Senate tonight at 5:30 to present the proposed referendum. The referendum is asking for a two semester $5 per student fee.

Miller: The referendum only includes the Fall/Spring semesters, summer fees will not apply.

Board Question: What is the campaign plan?

Ramos: Ceridwen and I will be:
•    Talking to student group leaders
•    Meeting with the ASWSU Senate
•    Presenting the referendum to the GPSA on Feb. 12
•    Planning tabling events twice per week
•    Handouts & stickers
•    Speaking to Murrow professors
•    Advertising on the screens at the CUB
•    Tabling on the mall
•    Meeting with Bradley Warren, ASWSU Election Board, regarding election guidelines
•    Referendum calendar created
•    Referendum will include the student fees for undergraduates and graduate students

Board question: Has there been any movement regarding the voluntary subscriptions for faculty and staff?

Miller: We are awaiting the creation of a newsletter, which will be part of the subscription. Also working with the WSU Foundation to establish a Gift Use Agreement, which will enable us to use any donations that our department receives.

Gaskin: What kind of advertising can we do for the referendum?

Ramos: Campaigning and house ads. We will work with ASWSU to make sure we don’t have any election violations. We need to account for any expenses related to the referendum (advertising, tabling, promotion items).

Miller: Moved to table option 3, Change to a tab format. Seconded by Wagoner, passed by the board.

Shors: Had to leave, appoints Alison Boggs, instructor, Murrow College as proxy.

Miller: Moved to enact option #2b “Take Fridays or Mondays off. No printing. No staffing unless breaking news,” (students will determine the day of the week), starting March 23.  Motion was seconded by Matt Haugen, passed 15-2.

VI. Reports

Madison Jackson, editor-in-chief:
•    Referendum will be presented at the ASWSU Senate meeting tonight at 5:30
•    Referendum will be presented to GPSA on Feb. 12.
•    Ethics reporting/training was covered the last few weeks due to the Hilinski coverage
•    Housing Guide included the Mint section, and the guide was sponsored
•    Transparency project: We continue to work on the online public records
•    Live streaming – increasing the live streaming the news department creates

Jacob Wagoner, manager, advertising:
•    New training system uses YouTube videos created by advertising professionals.
•    Setting up Linkedin profiles for the staff
•    Increasing web advertising
•    Having website issues posting ads, need to have someone on staff who can get the ads posted

Ceridwen Walsh, manager, marketing:
•    We hired four new staff members
•    Photo booth bookings have increased
•    Referendum campaign – will be working with Ramos on the campaign once it has been approved
•    Looking for a marketing manager for the Fall 2018 semester

Kai Amos, editor, Chinook yearbook:
Miller gave her report.
•    Yearbook is on schedule for publication
•    Great cover created

Gabriella Ramos, editor, Visitor Guide:
•    Working hard on the magazine
•    Only half of the content has been scheduled
•    Deadline for remaining content is Feb. 1.
•    Will use Daily Evergreen articles for the magazine if the remaining content isn’t received on time.

Aloni Martin, manager, creative:
•    Two staff members resigned
•    Smaller staff (three techs and manager)
•    Working on posting ads online
•    Need more training on how to posts ads on the website
•    Looking for a creative manager for the Fall 2018 semester.

Jacob Jones, content advisor:
•    Worked on the referendum structure with the students
•    Continuing the weekly trainings
•    Leaders meetings continuing
•    Public Records training

Board Comment:
Miller mentioned we are working on a new source of revenue, a Student Media calendar.

VII. Public comment – none

VIII. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 5:14 pm.

Minutes taken by K. Denise Boyd, fiscal specialist