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Student Media

Student Media Board
Minutes for March 28, 2018, election meeting

I. Call to Order
Leigh Gaskin, board chair, called the meeting to order at 4:15 p.m.
Other members present were:
Carmen Jaramillo, Madison Jackson, Hannah Basler, Ceridwen Walsh, Gabriella Ramos,
Parker Blekkenk, Benjamin Shors, Matt Haugen, Richard Miller, Kai Amos, Karen Breese
and Rachel Wong. Staff members: Jacob Jones and K. Denise Boyd

II. Approval of February 28, 2018, minutes.

III. Announcements – Congratulations to Gabriella Ramos for helping pass the referendum

IV. Reports

Madison Jackson, editor-in-chief:
•    Student Media referendum passed – Thanks Gabbie
•    Student Choice Awards edition coming up
•    E-newsletter in the works
•    Difficulty hiring a new web editor
•    Service and Activities hearing will be April 3.

Jacob Wagoner, manager, advertising:
•    Advertising sales have seen a slight increase in the last month – color ads increased
•    Lewiston Morning Tribune will be inserting the Inland 360 in the paper every Thursday, netting $250 a week
•    Memorandum of understanding with the Lewiston Morning Tribune to start selling to our off-campus clients
•    BECU is sponsoring Mom’s Weekend edition
•    Working on sales into commencement edition

Ceridwen Walsh, manager, marketing:
•    Two photo events booked
•    Tabling scheduled for recruiting

Kai Amos, editor, Chinook yearbook:
•    The yearbook will be ready on 4/20/2018
•    We will be tabling once the books are delivered
•    Starting to get calls from students asking where they can pick up their yearbooks

Gabriella Ramos, editor of Visitor Guide, and outreach coordinator
•    Referendum passed, now turning focus to the visitor magazine
•    Cut the visitor magazine by two-thirds, to about 36 pages
•    Working on the cover

Comment from Ben Shors, board member:
Volunteered to recruit writers for the visitor magazine, will touch base with Gabbie

Aloni Martin, manager, creative:
•    No report

Jacob Jones, content advisor:
•    Students involved in the Murrow Symposium this week

V. New Business

Vote on changing bylaw regarding student leaders. Bylaw says, “Applicants shall not hold an elective or appointive position in student government during their tenure as a manager for Student Media.”  Proposed change: “Applicants shall not hold an elective or appointive position in student government during their tenure as an editor for The Daily Evergreen.”
Richard Miller moved to approve the changes, seconded by Jacob Wagoner, passed unanimously.

B) Student leader elections. Presentations by candidates:

•    Chinook yearbook – Hannah Martian gave her presentation
•    Advertising –  Emily Mattson  gave her presentation
•    Editor-in-chief – Dylan Greene gave his presentation
•    Creative (No applicant)
•    Marketing (No applicant)
•    Visitor Guide (applicant is out of the country, presentation to be heard in fall)

The board approved these new leaders for 2018-2019 academic year:

•    Hannah Martian, yearbook editor
•    Emily Mattson, advertising manager
•    Dylan Greene, editor-in-chief

VI. Public Comment: none

VIII. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 5:27 p.m.

Minutes taken by K. Denise Boyd, fiscal specialist