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Student Media

Student Media Board
Minutes for November 29, 2017

I.    Call to Order: Leigh Gaskin, board chair, called meeting to order at 4:15 pm.
Other members present were:
Aloni Martin, Gabriella Ramos, Hannah Basler, Kai Amos, Jacob Wagoner, Kelsey Jones, Leigh Gaskin, Parker Blekkenk, Rachel Wong, Erica Nicol, Jennifer, Murray, Karen Breese, Matt Haugen, Yoon-Joo Lee, Richard Miller.
Staff Members: Jacob Jones and K. Denise Boyd

II.    Approval of Minutes:  The minutes for October 25 approved with minor typo corrections.

III.    Announcements:  A motion to move the presentations/voting before the reports was motioned by Gabbie Ramos and seconded by Jacob Wagoner, motion to pass approved by board.

IV.    Presentations for Spring 2018 Student Leaders:

Madison Jackson, editor-in-chief
Jacob Wagoner, advertising manager

The board voted to appoint Madison Jackson as the Spring 2018 editor-in-chief and Jacob Wagoner as the Spring 2018 advertising manager.

V.    Approval of policy changes to allow emergency removal of student managers by consensus vote, make minor revisions and corrections.

The board reviewed the draft version of the Student Media Bylaw changes presented by Richard Miller.

Section 1A: The Chinook Yearbook should be the Chinook yearbook

Section 1B/C: Should read: A representative of the Division of Student Affairs.

Section V third paragraph: replace web manager with Chinook editor

A motion to approve the changes was given by Richard Miller and it was seconded by Jacob Wagoner, vote carried.

•    Editorial: Gabbie Ramos, editor-in-chief:
o    Working on putting together a staff for next semester
o    The final Sports Weekend edition was a success
o    Newsroom focusing on administration coverage

•    Advertising: Jacob Wagoner, advertising manager:

o    Alex Newman was rehired; he will be focusing on ad sales for the Chinook yearbook and Visitor Guide magazine.
o    Spring 2018 – we don’t anticipate any turnover in staffing
o    November revenue was tough, we didn’t have any Sports Weekends to help boost ad sales
o    December – only four editions, goal is smaller – commencement edition selling  well
o    Training assistant manager in the spring
o    Alex Newman will be selling yearbooks at commencement

•    Marketing. Report given by Richard Miller, director:
o    Hiring new staff, updated photo booth software, working with newsroom on referendum and tabling

•    Yearbook, Kai Amos, editor:

o    Lots of creative pieces, going well
o    Working on the covers, photos are strong this year
o    Hannah will training to take over as editor in the fall

•    Creative: Aloni Martin, manager:

o    Things are going well
o    New staff – searching for replacement manager for the 2018-2019 school year

•    Content Advisor: Jacob Jones:

o    Guest speakers/training, including presentations by the WSU public records officer, and a Seattle Times reporter.
o    Budget coverage

•    Visitor Guide: Kelsey Jones, editor:

o    Finalizing the ads with Jacob Wagoner
o    The skeleton is complete
o    Kelsey graduates in December; Gabbie Ramos will be finishing the magazine in the spring

•    Financial: K. Denise Boyd, fiscal specialist:

o     Financial reports provided to the board. The office is looking at potential loss of $79,032.68.
o    The board was provided with the estimated year-end financials
o    July – October line item issues:
    Retail down 24%
    Class display down 13.73%
    Class liners down 10.89%
    Color revenue down 22%
    Photo Booth down 20%

VI.    Board Member Comments

Karen Breese: Asked about the pickup rate and how we get our numbers; Richard Miller explained that we have our delivery drivers do a count and also contact the business

Kai Amos: Inquired about the yearbooks and how many we have sold so far; Denise didn’t have the exact numbers, but will forward those to Kai and Jacob.

VII.    Public Comments
No public comments

VIII.    Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 5 p.m.

Minutes taken by K. Denise Boyd,                           fiscal specialist