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Student Media

Student Media Board
Minutes for October 25, 2017

I.    Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by Leigh Gaskin, board chair, at 4:14 pm.
Other members present were:
Aloni Martin; Carmen Jaramillo; Gabriella Ramos; Hannah Basler; Jacob Wagoner; Ceridwen Walsh; Kelsey Jones; Matthew Winchell; Parker Blekkenk; Rachel Wong; Karen Breese; Matt Haugen and Richard Miller. Absent: Kai Amos; Benjamin Shors; Jennifer Murray; Erica Nicol and Yoon-Joo Lee.

Staff Members: Jacob Jones and K. Denise Boyd

II.    Approval of Minutes:  The minutes for Sept. 27, 2017, were approved with no corrections.

III.    Announcements:  Moved election of Interim Marketing Manager to top of agenda.

Ceridwen Walsh introduced herself to the board. A motion was made by Richard Miller to elect Ceridwen Walsh as the new marketing manager; Jacob Wagoner seconded this. Approved by board.

IV.    Reports:

•    Editorial: Gabby Ramos, editor-in-chief:
o    SexEdition 10/13/17 was a success
o    SportsWeekend – 6 were published
o    Dad’s weekend – next weekend
o    Reorganizing the newsroom, hiring a new assistant sports editor of next semester – Dillion Green
o    News heavy week – budget cuts
o    Starting a blog related to the university budget cuts – meeting with president Shultz next week
o    Mary Jo Gonzales, VP Student Affairs – meet with her to get budget cut details

•    Web/Mobile: Gabby Ramos, editor-in-chief reported:

o    Hired assistant web editor
o    Updating ad sizes for website
o    Updating website for summer

•    Advertising: Jacob Wagoner, advertising manager

o    SexEdition ad sales down, no big sponsors
o    Spring SexEdition ad sponsor leads – Trojan
o    LIFT is now going to be available in Pullman – possible new advertiser
o    Emily Mattson is the assistant advertising manager

•    Marketing. No report.

•    Yearbook. No report.

•    Visitor Guide: Kelsey Jones, editor:

o    Design has been revamped – modern art/fashion type of magazine
o    Skeleton has been laid out
o    Photo – going with original art
o    Ads are being sold
o    To publisher mid-January
o    Chris at University Publishing is researching publishers
o    Magazine will be 20-30 pages bigger than 2017

•    Creative: Aloni Martin, manager:

o    Working on countdown to Dad’s weekend
o    1 staff member resigned

•    Content Advisor: Jacob Jones:

o    Staff training continuing with 2 workshops weekly
o    Workshops held on visual storytelling and job market advise
o    Photo field training – 2hrs, job shadowing at the football game
o    Murrow College are having guest speakers, reaching out to students to attend
o    Web staff are working on weekly analytic reports

•    National GIVE day – November 28th

o    Richard Miller will check with the Foundation to find out who our representative is to help with fund raising.

•    Financial: K. Denise Boyd, fiscal specialist:

o     Financial reports provided to the board. The office is looking at potential loss of $72,209.29. In order to cover the loss, she moved funds from the Student Media Reserve account.

V.    New Business

Student Media Board ByLaw Changes:

Richard Miller spoke about the policy changes for section I and V.

Board comments:

Karen Breese- the changes need published 3 weeks in the paper for public comment.

Richard will make the wording changes to “graduate” references and bring it back to the next board meeting for approval, then we will publish the changes.

VI.    Board Member Comments

Karen Breeze: Likes the increase in graphics

Leigh Gaskin: Issues of graduate students’ stipend reduction within the College of Engineering due to the 2.5% university budget cuts.

Their pay will be reduced 20% starting January 1, 2018, which is a $200-$600 cut in pay.  

Gabby will bring the issue to the editors to see about getting coverage.

Leigh Gaskin: To gain support from the graduate students for the referendum in the spring, increasing the amount of coverage for graduate programming.

VII.    Public Comments

No public comments

VIII.    Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 4:56p.m.

Minutes taken by K. Denise Boyd, fiscal specialist and Richard Miller, director