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Student Media

Student Media Board
Minutes for October 31, 2018

I. Call to Order
Jennifer Murray, board chair, called the meeting to order at 4:15 p.m.
Other members present were:
Ana Maria Alaniz Mendoza, Matthew Winchell, Dylan Greene, Christian Shaffer, Kayla Rott, Latisha Jensen, Emily Mattson, Hannah Martian, Lorena O’English, Richard Miller and Matt Haugen. Board members absent: Veneice Guillory-Lacy, Ella Spillane, Taylor Swanson, Rachel Wong, Benjamin Shors, Karen Breese and Rebecca Goodrich.  
Staff member: K. Denise Boyd

II. Introduction of new member: Lorena O’English

III. Approval of April 25 and Sept. 26, 2018, minutes
•    April 25 minutes approved as read
•    Sept. 26 minutes approved as read

IV. Reports

Dylan Greene, editor-in-chief:
•    Halloween edition was distributed today
•    Dad’s Weekend edition will be 12 pages and an eight-page sports weekend insert plus an Inland 360 insert
•    Starting to train potential replacement for editor-in-chief
•    Collaborating with the University of Washington student newspaper to get stories for the Apple Cup edition.

Emily Mattson, manager, advertising:
•    Sales are above goals
•    Staff training continues with improved communication with advertising reps
•    Sending out emails to the advertising staff, having them call “dibs” on new clients
•    Training Clayton Fincher to be the new advertising manager
•    Working on plan to use Lewiston Tribune sales staff to help sell ads in the Lewiston/Clarkston area.

Kayla Rott, manager, marketing
•    Street teams: Tabling on Friday and handing out sports editions at games
•    Continuing to work on staff page, getting close to being done
•    Working on a video campaign to encourage donations

Hannah Martian, editor, Chinook yearbook
•    Full staff is now hired – two more photographers; two writers and one designer
•    April 22 is estimated delivery date
•    There will be 156 pages, plus the cover. Yearbook won’t include Cougar Card photos.

Latisha Jensen, editor Visitor Guide
•    Hired a graphic designer
•    Holding weekly meetings
•    48 pages in this year’s edition
•    Feb. 22 is the anticipated publication date

Ana Maria Alaniz Mendoza, manager, creative/graphics
•    Hiring an additional staff person
•    Student Advertising Fund has seen increase in design requests

V. New Business – none

VI. Public Comments – none

VII. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 4:48 p.m.

Minutes taken by K. Denise Boyd, fiscal specialist