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Student Media

1. Call to order

Richard Miller, vice chair, called the meeting to order at 4:15 p.m. Other members present were:
Ana Maria Alaniz Mendoza, Matthew Winchell, Dylan Greene, Christian Shaffer, Kayla Rott, Latisha Jensen, Veneice Guillory-Lacy, Taylor Swanson, Rachel Wong, Benjamin Shors, Rebecca Goodrich, Jennifer Murray, and Matt Haugen. Board members absent: Emily Mattson, Hannah Martian, Ella Spillane, and Karen Breese. Staff members: K. Denise Boyd

2. Selection of chair, vice chair
•    Jennifer Murray elected chair
•    Richard Miller elected vice chair

3. Approval of April 25, 2018, minutes
•    Tabled – second page of minutes were missing. Denise will send the complete minutes to the board and we will vote to approve at the next board meeting.

4. Election of student leaders
Three student leaders were elected by the board:
•    Creative manager: Ana Maria Alaniz Mendoza
•    Marketing manager: Kayla Rott
•    Visitor Guide editor: Latisha Jensen

5. Reports
Editor-in-chief Dylan Greene:
•    Jason Gesser: News staff is working on a follow-up story
•    Public records requests made for future stories
•    Sex Edition publishes on 10/12/2018

Advertising manager Emily Mattson (out sick, report given by Richard Miller):
•    Sales have exceeded goals
•    Boot camp: Brian Shuffield and Fred Board were guest presenters
•    Holding weekly training meetings with staff and email summaries to ad reps weekly
•    Continuing to receive S&A fund requests from WSU RSOs. Approval committee streamlined to two students, one fiscal officer
•    Now running weekly inserts of Inland 360 and working on additional inserts from the Lewiston Morning Tribune

Marketing manager Kaya Rott
•    Working on updating the staff page
•    Chinook and newspaper tabling events on Fridays
•    Looking into promoting Student Media with T-shirt giveaways
•    Updating email signatures to standardized format
•    Street teams will hand out Game Day editions

Yearbook editor Hannah Martian (given by Richard Miller)
•    Yearbook laid out on whiteboard in Hannah’s office
•    The 2018-2019 yearbook will be in a magazine style format
•    Cougar Card photos will not be published in this edition of the yearbook

Visitor Guide editor Latisha Jensen
•    Set up a Facebook account to communicate with staff
•    Holding read-outs with staff
•    Collaborating with the Pullman Chamber

Creative manager Ana Maria Alaniz Mendoza
•    Hiring new staff
•    Creating animated signatures for emails
•    Training continues

6.  New business

•    Question from Ben Shors: Where are we with the newsletter?
Dylan Greene: We will look into it and include the newsroom, marketing and the graphics team.

•    Content adviser search continues.

•    Richard Miller: Daily press run reduced from 5,975 to 5,200 based on our recent pickup audit. We will complete another audit in the spring of 2019.

•    Ben Shors: Cable 8 would like to collaborate with Student Media to post Cable 8 content on the Daily Evergreen website. Dylan Greene said he would be willing to talk with Shors about the possibility of doing this.

7. Public Comment: None

8. Adjournment
5:05 p.m.

Minutes taken by K. Denise Boyd, fiscal specialist