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Student Media

Student Media Board

Minutes for September 27, 2017


Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by Richard Miller, director, at 4:15 pm.

Other members present were Leigh Gaskin, Aloni Martin, Carmen Jaramillo, Gabriella Ramos, Jacob Wagoner, Kai Amos, Matthew Winchell, Parker Blekkenk, Benjamin Shors, Erica Nicol, Karen Breese, Matt Haugen, and Rachel Wong.


Staff Members: Jacob Jones and K. Denise Boyd


Approval of Minutes:  The minutes for April 5, 2017, were approved with no corrections.


Election of New Chair: Richard Miller moved to elect Leigh Gaskin as the Student Media Board chair for the 2017-2018 academic year. The motion was seconded by Jacob Wagoner. The board approved, and Leigh Gaskin was elected.


Introductions: Leigh Gaskin asked the board members to introduce themselves.

Announcements:  None given




Editorial: Gabby Ramos, editor-in-chief, covered the activities from summer to the first few weeks of Fall 2017 (see attached document).


Web/Mobile: Gabby Ramos reported that:

Sub-site was created for the sports weekend website

Looking to hire a coder

Updated the bylines on the new website

Creating an analytics dashboard


Advertising: Jacob Wagoner reported he has six staff and is hiring two more to focus on the visitor magazine and yearbook.


Sales are up for online ads, but retail sales are down.


University clients are tightening their budgets, so are placing fewer ads. 


Sex Edition is scheduled for Oct. 13, but both big clients who usually sponsor the edition have backed out.


Rebranding the Booze Guide, and calling it the Happy Hour Guide to bring in more advertising.


Also in the process of implementing a CRM called Zoho that will let him better track the activities of ad reps.


Marketing. No report.


Yearbook. Kai Amos reported she’s had trouble finding staff. She said some universities have replaced yearbooks with magazines in order to provide staff with a more marketable resume entry, and noted that many students don’t pick up their yearbooks.


She is planning a 350-page yearbook with 80# paper and a laminated cover. She’s also moved up deadlines to allow for earlier distribution in hopes of reducing the number of unclaimed books.


Creative/Graphics: Aloni Martin discussed the redesign of the Evergreen over the summer. She noted much better communication with the newsroom, and increased use of graphics in the print edition.


She is slowly increasing her staff to full level.


Visitor Guide: Kelsey Jones reported stories were being edited for the next Visitor Guide. The magazine will be divided into sections based on season, and the design will incorporate more white space. She plans to be reviewing draft pages in December.


Content Advisor. Jacob Jones reported assisting with the redesign of the newspaper. He’s also arranging for a series of guest speakers, and providing two types of writing workshops. The first focuses on the technical aspects of writing, the second on story-telling techniques.


He praised the Evergreen staff for several stories pertaining to academic freedom. He is working with staff on filling positions in the spring.


Financial: K. Denise Boyd provided a copy of the financial reports for FY2017 to the board. The office ended with a loss of $61,709.02. In order to cover the loss, she moved funds from the Student Media Reserve account:



Reserve Fund:

Beginning balance: 197,726.45

FY2017 transfer:      -61,709.02

Current balance:     136,017.43


Current balance:     136,017.43

Computer/equip:      -10,000.00

Server:                   - 5,000.00          

FY2018 Forecast:     -43,047.16

Forecast ending:       77,970.27

Denise noted that the predicted loss comes despite an increased FY2018 S&A allocation of $255,264



New Business


Board discussed the absence of the marketing manager. The elected manager has turned over many of her duties to a subordinate and may be planning to resign. The board instructed Richard Miller to determine if the elected manager wishes to stay in the position.


The board elected Richard Miller as vice chair.


Board Member Comments


Several board members praised the Evergreen for being an all-around better paper: More readable, more substantive, and better designed.



Public Comments


No public comments




The meeting adjourned at 5:14 p.m.




Minutes taken by K. Denise Boyd, fiscal specialist and Richard Miller, director