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Student Media

Board Members: Fall 2019-20

Members of the Board of Student Media are appointed by the university president and serve three-year terms. They attend monthly meetings and their duties include selecting the student managers. If you have suggestions about the Office of Student Media, let your representative know. For more information, contact Richard Miller at 335-5138.

Rachel Sun

Daily Evergreen Editor-in-Chief

Clayton Fincher
Daily Evergreen Advertising Manager

Ana Maria Alaniz Mendoza
Daily Evergreen Creative Manager

(Position open)
WSU Visitors Magazine Editor

Nia Saunders
Chinook Editor

(Position open)
Marketing Manager

Rachel Wong
GPSA Student

Andrew Kalahar
GPSA Student

(Position open)
Senior Class

Jane McDonald
Junior Class

Ryan Hiller
Sophomore Class

James Cole
Freshman Class

Richard Miller
Director, Office of Student Media

Matt Haugen
University Marketing and Communications

Karen Breese
Business & Finance

Benjamin Shors
Murrow College

(Position open)
Student Affairs


Lauren Westerfield

Lorena O'English