Board Members: Spring 2024

Members of the Board of Student Media attend monthly meetings, share advice with students, assist in governance decisions, and select student managers. If you have suggestions about the Office of Student Media, let your representative know. For more information, contact Richard Miller at 509-335-5138 or

  • Alexandria Osborne, Daily Evergreen Editor-in-Chief
  • Anna Adams, Managing Editor
  • Newsroom position, At-large position, named by editor-in-chief
  • Emma Hewitt, Graphics Manager
  • Emma Mahler, Chinook Editor
  • Open, GPSA
  • Augustine Triumph Attah, GPSA
  • Nicole Allison, ASWSU appointee
  • Cooper Howe, ASWSU appointee
  • Richard Miller, Director, Office of Student Media
  • Matt Haugen, University Marketing and Communications
  • Benjamin Shors, Murrow College

At-Large Members

  • Jennifer Ladwig, Lewiston Tribune News Editor
  • Lorena O'English, Holland and Terrell Libraries
  • Emma Ledbetter, Alumni/community member